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Grumman Hellcat Sparrow pylon

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I've seen enough photos to have the markings pretty well figured out.

But, does someone have a source, either online or in a book, for the dimensions and shape of the missile pylon?

I am not going to be jumping right on this right away, I have plenty of other things that need to be done first. (might not ever get

a chance to build it)

But, Joe did make me curious in another thread, and that made me wonder what is out there for drawings or a good side view photo,

to make that pylon with.

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Apologies if you have seen these already, but, I will post the link just in case.

RIS Link

Very interesting project. Would like to see it done.

Edit photos are near the bottom of the page and clicking on them gives close ups. We know what the dimensions of the insignia are. It wont be exact, but, using the bars as a reference may give a close number as to the upper width of the pylon.

Best of luck

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Thanks, I either missed that one, or my memory is no longer 5 years long, haha.

I changed my Google words around a bit more, and found one already done in 1/72 scale.

If you take the Grumman and the F6F off the Google search, then "Hellcat Sparrow" has this page in the list

Red Hellcat Model

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