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New decal from Begemot

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Long time we prepared a new big series of decals, mentioning so difficult, but at the same time and interesting subject -

aircrafts of Russian aviation from World War I, two revolutions and Civil war.

<Today we released the first-born in this series - 72-058 Nieuport type 21 (1\72 scale) on service in Russia \Soviet Russai,

35 options for the period from 1916 to 1922, the Russian Emperor Air Fleet and aircraft of Red and White sides of Civil war.


Nieuport type 21 in Russia\RSFSR

Decals for Nieuport type 21in 1\48 and 1\32 scales will be release soon, decals fro other three types of Nieuports are in design stage now.

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Rob, 1\32 decals are now in print, release date - untill mid of May, in Russia there will be long holydays as usual in first decade of May.

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Today we release third decal in our new decal series - 32-010 "Nieuport type 21 in Russain service", 35 marking variations of the Nieuport type 21 aircraft from Russian Emperor Air Fleet and aviation of all sides, which took a part in Civil war in Russia.



But we didnt't finish full series - we working about other types of Nieuport (and BTW not only Nieuport aircrafts) 21 in Russain service.

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