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IFOR Bosnia 1995-1996.

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Hello all,

During IFOR operations in Bosnia and Kosovo the British Royal Armored Corps deployed Challenger 1 Mk. 3 MBT's in support:


As you can see they maintained their camouflage scheme and simply stenciled "IFOR" on the tanks side skirts. My question is, would these tanks have also carried camouflage netting/tank mesh with them? If so, would it be possible that they would have used it? Or were they supposed to remain visible despite still wearing their camouflage paint scheme?

I ask because I would like to add camouflage tank mesh/netting along my Challengers main gun barrel and turret. Also, in this picture it seems as though there is camouflage netting in the storage bustle on the upper port side of the tanks turret (right side on the picture by the yellow road sign):


Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

Thanks and regards,


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I did a 5 year tour in Germany , 87-91 and I can never remember any of our M-1A1's having commo netting on them. We had the netting and poles but they pretty much where kept in the bag.I know the German army used it out in the field. Tanks usually get covered in mud and dust so they blend in pretty good.

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Thanks for the info :thumbsup: . The Germans seem to really utilize camo netting on their Leopards as there are tons of pictures of Leopards wearing all sorts of camo nets, real foliage and a combination of the two. The Canadians also seem to follow this practice on their Leopards and soft skin armored vehicles. I have pictures of U.S. M60 tanks in Europe using camo netting, but none of Abrams. I was just wondering if the British used it on their Challengers.

Oh well...I guess I will forget using camouflage netting for this build.



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Tankograd's book on the Challenger (LINK!) has a couple of pics from the IFOR/SFOR days, but none show any netting used.

They did seem to use netting on exercises in Germany, though, albeit not quite to the extent that the Germans turned their tanks into tracked shrubbery. :lol:

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...albeit not quite to the extent that the Germans turned their tanks into tracked shrubbery. :lol:

You mean sod (grass):


You have to give German armor credit, they do a great job disguising their Leopards:



Something like what you see above is on my list for my 1/35 Tamiya 2A6M.




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