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The Madhatter

BSG Pegasus

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Greetings one and all

Well, I have decided to take the plunge and begin work on the Moebius BSG Pegasus having recently been inspired by a mates one. I won't do what he did which was completely OOB (but it does have a great paint job). I intend to light mine up and I'll add some missing surface detail.


I've begun by cutting out the blanking plates in the four flight decks and have made a blank wall to go in which I will add detail too as I go along. However, instead of making four sets of walls, I'll make one side only and then cast a duplicate set for the other side. This way, I'll have total uniformity. Hopefully, that plan works.

As you can see below, they are fitting well (although only taped on) and I'll add supporting braces to hold them in place. The opening to the bays will have FO thread there to show the entrance lights in green and red. They'll run behind the wall. It's pretty much the same deal that I did with the Galactica only this time, better.


I've also cut out a section from the middle plate in the hangar pods to allow for Fiber Optic threads.


I am going to try out a different style of lighting and add SMD's behind the actual hull surface - giving it an illuminated property - well, at least that's the plan. I've used my Dremel to thin the walls and once done, I'll add the SMD's using hot glue. The very light spots you can see are where I intend the light to shine through.

Unfortunately, my Dremel ran out of juice before I could finish doing the main body, but once it's charged, I'' kick on with it.

The black spots are where I will thin them down.



For the head, I am going to try and create a spot light effect in that space between the 2 halves of the head. To do this, I'll be using the smallest SMD available I could find - pre-wired 0402's. They are about 1 mm long by 0.8mm wide. They'll also be used as spotlights on the ship's name plate. Which is one thing I like about this kit - the name is raised so it'll create some nice shadows.

The black spots are again, where I'll be thinning down the plastic



The engines will also get the illumination from behind effect as you can see here. I'll also add a couple of fiber optic threads here where the small black dots are (might be a bit hard to see in these pics)



Well, that's all for now. Once Feb 25th (?) comes along, this will go on hold while I start work on the Domelaze for the Sci-Fi group build I entered myself in. I envision that going for about 2 -3 months or so. If I find some down time in that period, I'll keep on with this and also try and finish the BV-222 (which is stalled because I ran out of silicone molding rubber which meant I couldn't cast off a number of interior seats)

I haven't ever had so many projects on the go at once, so I'll have to be considerately measured when it come to time use.

Thanks for looking

Till next time,


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Looking forward to this...the Raytheon effect is a good idea for those areas you're talking about. You can get styrene really thin, too. Remember paint will make it more dim!

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thanks Nick

I didn't realise that kind of lighting effect had a name. It's good to know

I have spent most of this morning grinding away at the plastic in certain areas and my Dremel has died again. I think it's getting the work of it's life. I've never had it die so many times before. I'm 4 engines into it with the other 4 to go. Then the head and so on....

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thanks Dylan - great to have you along :)

Not much of an update I'm afraid - my hands are so sore from spending a few hours grinding. However, I did get most of the work done for the whole ship. The longest and hardest parts were all 8 engines - which now look like this:




The very light sections are where you'll see the light emitting through.

It's quite ironic really - I've spent most of my modelling times trying to stop light from coming through and now I'm doing the total opposite and trying in vain to ensure it gets out!

I'm hoping to start installing the SMD chips into the spaces tonight, but I only have 7 left. Good thing I ordered another 20 or so today and 40 0402's last week. I re-checked my order today and I was insightful enough to buy the copper wired ones - not the sheathed ones which means it's be 100 times easier to install them where the name plate it. Or maybe that'll be harder - not sure yet. I'm sure you'll find out like me when I get to that part :)

Till next time


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A little update for this one. I have spent most of my time making the hanger pod walls and I have now cast my first one. It came out OK, but it was a lesson in casting (ie, don't try to cast things that are at a right angle of the body - the right angle stuff breaks off to easy)

I can easily fix whats broken or missing. The smaller walls will be done better I think. I may even re-do these ones yet. Not sure











I have also installed the fiber's at the entrance ready to be lit up green and red.

Well, that's all for now


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I would happily do extras - however, I am getting mixed results from each cast and now I've run out of resin. However, if I manage to get more than 1 excellent copy of each wall, I'll send you one if that is what you'd like :)

my new SMD's arrived today and man -0 they are tiny! Like try 0.08mm long by 0.04 wide - tiny

these'll be great on this for the spotlights around the ship!

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My new ultra small SMD's arrived today, so I thought I would show you a pic of just how small these SMD's are:


They'll be perfect for lighting up the name plates on the sides of the hangar pods! :)

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