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Pre 20th Century artillery

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I'm interested in locating decent, large-scale kits of pre-20th century artillery. I figured it deserved its own reference thread, although it's debatable whether that should be here, in "Armor," or over in "figures." Anyway, what I've found so far is:

Historex made guns, limbers, caissons, and other hardware in 1/30th/54mm for Napoleonic War troops. I have a Gribeauval kit. But I don't know if they made British-pattern guns, or other nations' pieces either. I got my kit a year or two ago, and I don't see them come around on Ebay much any longer. For those of us in the 'states, finding a particular Historex kit can be challenging.

Imrie-Risley makes 54mm field guns, although I don't have one in my hands. I'm thinking of ordering one. Offhand, in pictures the wheels look a little crude to my eye.

Soft plastic manufacturers, and particularly Imex, made American Civil War and Napoleonic pieces in 1/32. I cleaned up a Union Army rifle kit a few years ago, and made a passable model out of it. But it was a chore working with the soft plastic, and I'd only do this in the absence of other options.


Verlinden has made ACW guns in resin in 54mm and I think 120mm scales. I don't know about their quality, although the heavier weapons intrigue me.

"Encore" has most recently produced kits that have in the past been produced under several labels. I've seen their naval/garrison carriage 24lb made into a very nice model (my father replaced the carriage parts with scratchbuilt wooden parts, using really only the barrel, eyes, and capsquares from the kit). I don't know about the quality of the rest, except that the "Revolutionary War" kit, specifically its barrel, has frequently been declared bogus on message boards.

Anybody have some thoughts on this subject?

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