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Its about time I posted progress on my shelf queen, I have painted and attached the tracks (a very tedious task) to the hull, next will be future/wash/flat coat. Also I recently bought a airbrush and this is the first kit I am using it on, so far I am enjoying using it.



Also the decals have disintegrated over time so I have asked dragon for another, does anyone have any experience with dragon customer service or know of another source for some decals?

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I take it this is a Desert Storm MLRS? If so, you could probably cobble together some markings using Bradley, Abrams, M113's, or even Hummer DS decals. There are lots out there. Perhaps one could fit the bill with a little surgery here and there to represent a DS MLRS?

Good work so far :thumbsup: ! I built the NATO version of this kit many moons ago and it had a few challenges. But it looks sweet when done.

Good luck and keep us posted please.



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Thanks for the compliments guys. You're right about some challenges, I'm currently doing the launcher and rockets which are a very tight fit. Also I couldn't get the loading mechanism to fit so I'll leave that bit off. I've ordered some liquid decal film so hopefully that'll solve the problem.

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So I've been able to get some more done, the launcher is painted, gloss coated and ready for decals.


I'm partially through decaling the rockets (the liquid decal film has worked well so far)


and the back bumper is awaiting a wash and flat coat


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