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Colin K

MN1A Bomb Dispenser dimensions

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Ok, yes, I know that DACO has their F-104 improvement set and that it has all the parts for the MN1A. But, with the Canadian Dollar being what it is, and the exchange rate with the Euro, I'm really not in the mood to spend a lot of money for basically 3-4 small parts, and a bunch that I will likely not use. That said, does anyone know what the dimensions are for the MN1A dispenser that was used on the CF-104? I want to see if I can scratchbuild one using stuff from the spares box, for my current build.


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Hey Colin,

I've got a few of the DACO update sets and I can send you the parts for one MN-1A. PM me with your address.



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I have been looking over the DACO set and I was wondering if our Canadian 104 experts here can help with a few questions on the MN-1A and SUU-21 practice bomb dispensers. I have seen many photos of single seat CF-104's mounting the full length SUU-21 with the pointy nose cone. This unit would never allow nose gear clearance if used on the two seat version, the CF-104D Mk II. Was the difference in Canadian service, that the short nose version is the MN-1A, or were both the long nose and the blunted nose both called MN-1A? I am assuming the purpose of the short nose unit was to allow use on the CF-104D Mk.II two seaters, which, as far as I know, were the only two-seat 104's with a center line hard point.

In related question, was the CF-104D Mk I version a pure trainer, like the F-104F and F-104DJ, or did it have fire control system and allow some combat usage like F-104B, D and TF-104G models? The CF-104D Mk II would have full weapons capability as it was earmarked as a war reserve. Just wondering if the Mk I version was also weapons capable.

Also, given the rarity of the special center line rack on the Mk II, which carried its store level instead of angled nose-up like the standard single seat rack, does anybody have a good photo or drawing of the rack?

Here is the best photo of a CF-104D Mk II I could google up. Four gas bags and an MN-1A:


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