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Alright, here we go...can-of-worms.gif

Been on the beat now for a few years, but never had to post anything in the bad trader section before. As you will see, this post relies upon one bad transaction that took place on nov. 6th 2014 ("17:59:07") for one Aires 1:72 scale Avenger detail set listed at $29.99 (received a $5 discount code) and int. shipping $20.90. 14 full weeks will have passed by tomorrow feb. 12th.

This company has what i would refer to as very poor business ethics. The impressions i have been receiving from 1001 since well day 001, is that of someone who does not possess a righteous mind and lacks the ability & will to be sincere to their customers. Furthermore they claim to have a warehouse in Arkansas, but the address they supply in the event of a return is simply to a house in a residential area in Centerton, Arkansas. So a very good indicator to check if a business is legit or atleast exists, go find their shop or whatever on google earth. Now what I had in mind was providing a rendition of the written transcript that occured between myself and 1001 via email from day 1.

Nov. 5th, Email was sent to 1001 to inquire about the product and the stock count.

Nov. 6th, Order confirmation from 1001 received with unique order reference # JCVESQGFU. Shipping carrier: DHL

Nov. 6th, "payment accepted" email received. "Payment for your order was successfully processed" (incl. order attachments)

Nov. 7th, "Dear customer, Your order num. 47225 has been processed. You will receive your order in 6-8 days"

Nov.7th, After having placed the order, they reply to my inquiry "Hej Bjørn, Unfortunately that product is only available for the US"

Nov.7th, I wrote them back instructing them to ship the order that i had placed the day before.

Nov. 14th, "Your order is currently being processed. We are waiting for a product currently being brought by one

of our providers. You will be notified as soon as your order is sent.

PRODUCTS IN STOCK :PRODUCTS RECEIVED SOON : -> AIRE7007 - tbm avenger detail set 1/72 - Thank you for your understanding. Best regards 1001,

Nov. 24th, "Hello Bjorn, Sorry for the late answer. After verification, we will be able to deliver this item to you. However, as it comes from an american supplier, there will be a delay of a few weeks. If you prefer to get a refund, please let me know as soon as possible"

Nov. 24th, I wrote them back talking about the value of the shipment and the current import fee regulations here. I wanted to make it clear that the value should read what i paid for it and not the original $29.99 which most probably would have set of the import duties.

Nov. 25th, "Hello Bjorn, I reduced the product price to $24.99 and withdrew the $5 discount. That way the total is the same, but the product price is reduced. I enclosed the bill, let me know if it looks fine"

Jan 4th, I wrote them back asking if the order had shipped yet..


Jan. 9th, "Hej Bjorn and happy new year! I contacted our logistician concerning your order. We should have received the product from our American supplier. I will come back to you as soon as possible with more information" Best regards, Customer service


Jan. 9th, "Hello, It appears that the product is not available anymore. We won't be able to ship the product. I have to cancel your order and we will refund you quickly. Rest assured that we do our best to deliver our customer but this time unfortunately we will not be able to ship this product Sorry about that. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything else" Best regards, Customer service

Jan. 9th, I wrote them back asking them to let me know once the refund had been issued.


Jan. 16th, I make yet another short inquiry regarding the missing refund.

Jan. 28th, "Hello Bjorn, I apologize for the late answer. Finally we did receive the item your ordered from our american supplier. Do you still want the product or do you prefer a refund?"Best regards, Customer service

Jan. 28th, I specifically instruct them to issue the refund and let me know when this has been done. And there you have it. No more communication...


I have edited this and cut out alot of chatter to simplify the transcript for you folks on here. I don`t keep my hopes up for ever seeing any of my $46. Bjoern in Norway

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Hello Bjorn.

This is sad to hear and a tad deceptive or dishonest of the seller..

I WOULD HAVE thought that being honest and dispatching the items as soon as they are able to would be

to their advantage ..if you keep your promise to send something asap then you are likely to get more custom but being a bad trader is just not good..

It might be that there are extreme circumstances that does not ALLOW him to send it ..Like a serious illness ,. In hospital or that he is no longer with us{ I would not wish anyone any harm or evil } but surely someone could sent you a notification one way or another right...

I hope he sees this& makes good his promise...

Best of luck...


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I am currently dumbing off with this site from a purchase more than 2 weeks ago. I sent an email, no answer. I sent two more. No answer. They took my money and my order still says processing. Until they tell me it's back ordered, or ship a product, they have essentially stolen from me. Stay far away. I will never order from them again. This is madness.

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I was trying to do business with 1001modelkits.com but after reading through this topic I am not going to consider it at this point. The customer service telephone number is for the Boston, MA area but the recorded message at that number is not in the English language.

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learned a little late 


re-ordered Eduard ch-46e detail kit from Mark Twain vendor since I've been waiting for three weeks for 1001.


LOL!!!  I get home today and my 1001 purchase is in the mail.  Now I have to buy another ch-46e I guess.



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