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Color for TBFs during Midway/Guadalcanal era

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Big discussion on this over at Hyperscale, right now. (2030/12 Feb) Dana Bell weighing in, good stuff. Lt Gull Gray definitely out!. If you're using Model Master Enamels, try going outside of the box, with German RLM 63.

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Here are a couple more options that might not come to mind.

You said you could get Model Master,,,,,if you can get the Acrylics, give the MM Acryl # 4680 Gray Primer a look, it is a match for FS 36463, a lighter gray than Light Gull Gray, but, not as light as the 36495 Gray.

Another "off the wall" color is Mr Primer Surfacer 1000, it is just a touch darker than the 36463 of the MM Acrylic Primer.

Both of those get you away from that tan color of the Light Gull Gray,,,,,,but, without going "too blue" in the process.

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If you're married to Modelmaster, you're out of luck on this one as far as exact color goes as they don't make either color. They have a "Navy Blue Gray", but it's too bright. Monogram used to recommend their Intermediate Blue over Light Gull Gray, but of course neither one of them are correct either.

With all the early WW II USN planes I've built over the years, this is the very reason why I switched away from Modelmaster.


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I am the one who initiated the topic on Hyperscale.com!!! Thought I'd try both forums.

If I'm off a lttle or too tan or too dark, or too light on my color so be it. I will still sleep tonight....and tomorrow night.

I just want to be close......I'm not a rivet counter!!!!!!


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