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Cyber Hobby 1/32 Bf109 E-4

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Hi all, below is a Cyber Hobby Bf109 E-3 that I recently completed. I used HGW seatbelts, Master Barrels and Radu's radiator screen AM to add a bit of pop to the kit. I also scratch built nearly all the piping and electrical lines for the engine and MG Tray, as well as, the cockpit hood holding spring and the antenna springs, insulators and wind deflectors. I also ended up making the weld lines on the exhausts out of stretched sprue as I had to sand a couple of the moulded ones off while cleaning the parts up. The kit went together very well, with only the engine installation being a bit tricky due to all the piping that I had installed needing to be feed into drilled out holes. The plane is airbrushed with a combination of Tamiya and Vallejo paints to resemble a JG3 aircraft circa mid-August to late September 1940. Weathering was accomplished using a combination of AK interactive, Tamiya and True Earth weathering agents. I used a combination of the hairspray technique and a silver pen and pencil to simulate chipping. I wanted to show a slightly worn look without going overboard. Overall the model turned out pretty well, there are a couple of small errors, and the engine piping is not 100% correct, but it is close.











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