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Argghhh - A7-D canopy disaster!

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I'm building the Hasegawa 1/48th A7-D, and have made a complete mess of the main canopy part. It has a black coloured internal frame, and when I glued it in to the transparency I did not check to see exactly where the all the points that touch were. As a result, I have bad glue marks on the inside of the canopy where it has wicked between the two parts, but unfortunately in an area that is not covered by external framing.

As a result I'm wondering if anyone has these two parts going begging, as the one I have is beyond recovery

Here's hoping!



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If there are no cracks / stress fracture in the canopy, I would consider removing the frame and sanding the whole thing down just as you would regular styrene. You can then bring the transparency back by progressively finer sanding and Tamiya compound (or a plastic polish set like Novus) followed by a future bath. Unfortunately I can't help with the parts as I don't have the kit.

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