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Wolfpak Decals February 2015 Release

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Here are the two new sheets from Wolfpak Decals. The first sheet, 72-080, A Flash of Lightning starts off with a F-5E aggressor in a modified SEA camouflage pattern with the standard dark green being replaced by an even darker one. The next subject is a F/A-18C from VFA-34. This is followed by the first of two F-35C’s, both of which were used in the initial sea trials on the USS Nimitz last fall. There are two C-123K’s one with white outer wings and horizontal tail surfaces from the Vietnam war and an AFRES aircraft from Westover AFB in the late 70’s. The sheet is rounded out by a RF-84F from the 32nd TRS in bare metal.

The second sheet is 72-081, SAC Time with an entirely strategic theme. First on the list is an UH-1N missile field support helo “The Rock.” Red Gremlin II is the B-52H named after the B-17 flown by Paul Tibbets during WW II. This aircraft was flown by Paul’s grandson Paul “Nuke” Tibbets III. A FB-111A named “Double Trouble” is the next subject itself being named after a WW II B-24. “Broken Promises,” a RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft follows with options for either a WC-135C or WC-135W Constant Phoenix aircraft. The WC-135W has mission marks in the shape of radiation symbols over the crew door as both of the WC’s were sampler aircraft.

The sheets and instructions are in and all I need to do is update the website so in a day or so they will be on sale at $17.00 each.



Wolfpak Decals



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