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Seems this kit was lightly started. The seats were built and holes punched in the side to do a CH-113. Just no Pontoons to do it. Had the supports that the Pontoons connect to installed as well.

So I ripped those off, sanded it down and carried on. I will fill the holes later when and if other putty is required. So innards......


then outards.


By the way , does anyone know for sure if Pensacola rescue flew these things? I know they flew Sea Kings but can not find a photo for the Sea Knight.

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Nice addition to the helo Rescue group collection Phantom... Good contrast in paint job to the Canadian versions. Man you can really crank them out. (It's like you're in "wartime production" mode).

I looked at the Sea Knight Rotor Fold in 48th to do my CH-46 to save a bit of shelf space however the fold kit would almost double the kit price so I think I'll find the shelf space instead. :) That one of mine may wait a while as I'm pretty sure it'll be a custom decal job as I've got reference photos of a U. S. Marines CH-46 that served in Dessert Storm, named after my wife. :thumbsup:/> (or at least named after someone with the dame name as her...)


David :cheers:/>

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