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B-58 crash story

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Great story, thanks for posting. I wonder if there would be interest in additional accident reports like this?

I did a write up on a US-2 Tracker crash that occurred in a nearby town back in the 70's and found it to be fascinating. There was so much more to the story than what was in the press, it only became apparent after I submitted a FOIA request.

If anyone has info on other crashes, either linked accident reports or their own summary, I hope they will post them here.

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I always thought the B-58 was a beautiful, incredible machine. It makes me very sad to think that had this and several other entirely preventable accidents not happened in its early years, the Hustler might have been around longer.

I feel very fortunate that I got to see them fly at Carswell AFB, and can still vividly remember seeing one make an emergency landing with one main gear only half extended. The brilliant orange shower of sparks as the outboard nacelle slid on the runway, and when it stopped the hatches opening and the three crew members sliding down ropes and running away as fire trucks converged around it really left an impression on me.

According to this site:


that was on September 17, 1964, two days short of my sixth birthday. My father was stationed at Carswell AFB, and called my mother to tell her about the Hustler that was in trouble. She loaded my brothers, sister and me into our car and drove over to the road leading to the Convair factory that paralleled the south half of the runway. The B-58 flew several passes over us as they troubleshot the problem and burned off fuel. Finally at dusk when it was just starting to get dark they landed which is why the sparks were such brilliant orange.

I still remember how painfully loud B-58s were on takeoff, really impressed the young boy I was back then. How I wish I could see one fly again!

Scott W.

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Is this a story only about B-58 crashes or military aircraft incidents or can any story be included provided it's true?



I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking, but if it's whether you can use this thread to post accident stories about other aircraft types, I might suggest starting a new thread titled "Aircraft accident stories" or some such. I'd hate for someone not a fan of the B-58 to miss out on your story because he skipped reading this thread. It might be better to post under the "General Discussion" heading as well. That one seems to get more readership than this one. Otherwise, do as you prefer, you certainly won't offend me adding to this thread.

Scott W.

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Wow what a fascinating story. I have a B-58 in inventory and was worried about what to do with it. I think I just found my idea. It is incredible to read about what they knew about this accident after it happened. True heroes. I also never knew the B-58 was started in the 40's or that it was a Mach 2 bomber either.

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