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I've taken the parts that I need from a Tamiya 1/32 F-14A and am selling the left over parts. Everything shown is what I have available. For the sake of simplicity, everything is $5 per item unless noted. I've added what I think shipping would cost, so prices include shipping in the US. If you buy multiple items, I can give you a better shipping rate and save some $. Sorry if you don't agree with some of the prices, anything less would not be worth my while. I don't think it's unreasonable though. So let me know if you're interested in anything! I'm in Northern VA and I take paypal. Thanks

Intakes $9 pair


GBU-24 $9 pair


AIM-9H $11 (2 pair)


Cockpit $9 shipped


Snake eyes (2 pair) $9


Fuel tanks and pylons $9


Lower air frame $9


Aim-7 Sparrows (x3) $9


Vertical stabilizers $9 Horizontal stabs $9 Tailhook assembly $5 shipped


Phoenix missiles (pair) $9 Boarding ladder ($5 shipped) Radar assembly $5 shipped


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Phoenix missile pallets ($12 shipped, would be good for Trumpeter replacements!) F-14 Bomb racks ($9 shipped)


Front fuselage ($10 shipped)


Decal sheet $15 shipped Remove Before Flight tags $5 shipped


upper fuselage (Note front landing gear doors have been removed from this sprue). Also note, I began to scribe the front half of this fuselage. It's not done or perfect but I'm sure in the hands of a capable modeler, it will be fine.


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