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Cesar Rodriguez...

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I went to Google and searched for "cesar rodriguez" pilot and found several articles that discussed his career and his experience in the Gulf War. This one confirmed his piloting an F-15C.


Additional searching found that it was tail number 85-114.

I then searched for rodriguez "f 15c" decals and found this discussion here on ARC, which says that Repliscale produced decals for his jet.



Steven Brown

Scale Model Soup

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85-0114 for both DS victories, and 86-0169 for Kosovo.

There is an Eglin sheet from years back. Not sure if 114 is on it, but not hard to piece together a tail number. Afterburner made a Lakenheath sheet, but again, not exactly sure if the tail or name is what you want.


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According to the Gulf War Debrief book he flew F-15C 85-0114 when he got his two kills. One being a MiG-29 on 19th Jan and the other being a MiG-23 on the 26th Jan. I do not know of a decal sheet bur if you go to the web site dstorm.eu there has a list of all decal sheets made.

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I've been researching the same and just purchased decals this morning. As mentioned, there was a Repliscale sheet with his Gulf War era markings on it, including his name.

86-0169 is on Afterburners Lakenheath's sheet. One just sold on eBay. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1-48-Afterburner-Decals-48-005-493rd-FS-Lakenheath-F-15C-F-15D-OOP-Rare-/191473050905?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item2c94aee519

85-114 is a Wing King jet in Japan and is on Speed Hunter Graphic's Eagle sheet (Mig 29 and Mig 23 kills). http://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/shg48003.htm

The previous is the sheet I just purchased today. Only the Afterburner sheet has his name on it. I can get you the number of the Superscale sheet, someone just offered it to me minus the Rodriguez markings (he used them).

There is another interesting double Mig-29 option on Caracal's new sheet. That is a Lakenheath aircraft.

I actually met Cesar and greeted him when he taxied into our base flying the same jet with two kills. As soon as he cut engines, I was up his ladder with a beer in both hands (one for me of course).

edit- Superscale 48-414 has his markings/name on it.

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