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FS: Multiple box & bagged kits, decals, books

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Doing some Spring cleaning to help pay for my son's hospital.

All items are sold as-is. I have checked to insure that the kits are complete.

Everything is priced as listed OBO, PLUS POSTAGE

International customers - I am in no way responsible for the costs of shipping outside of the USA.

I prefer PayPal, but will accept a check. Please allow 7-10 days from time of payment received for me to ship your items.

Please *DO NOT* PM or reply to this post.

Email me (Srs042@live.com) if you are interested or have questions about anything, as I will not be checking this post regularly.

Please include the word ARC & item you want in the subject line.


Boxed kits


Ibex T-6A w/TwoBobs 48-237 decals $35


Academy F/A-18C "Chippy Ho! 2009" $20

Revell TFX F-111 (Parts for B model only) $10

Monogram F-16XL $10

Monogram F-105G $10

DML Mi-28 Havoc $10

Airfix Sea Harrier F/A.2 $10

Airfix Hawk 100 $5

Hasegawa OA-4M Skyhawk $10

Academy OV-10A Bronco $5

Testors A-4 Top Gun boxing $5

Testors F-21 Kfir $10

Italeri Tornado F.3 $5

(2) Italeri Hawk 100 $5

(2) Italeri F-5F (cannot be sold separately) $15 for both


Revell Airbus A340-300 $20

Revell B-52H $10


Dragon B-52G (original release) $10

Dragon YB-49 $10

Dragon Vulcan B.2 $10

Box scale

Monogram RB-66A $5

Bagged Kits


Yellowhammer F-5E USN Sharknose/LEX extensions set $5

Revell SBD Dauntless $15

Revell HH-60D Nighthawk $5


Italeri F-104G Starfighter $5

Testors "Soviet Attack Helicopter" (Mi-28 Havoc concept model) $5

Testors F-14A Top Gun (has decals, no instructions) $5

Revell TFX F-111 (parts for A model only) $5

Revell Yak-38 Forger $5

Revell F-14D $5

Hasegawa TA-4J $10

Hobbycraft AH-1Z $5

Adacemy OV-10D $5

Esci Tu-22M Backfire-C $15

Unknown Russian weapons set $5


Tamiya SH-3A/D Sea King $5


Revell B-52G $10

Entex F-111E (comes with OzMods resin F-111B/C/G long wings) $10

Revell TF-104G $5

Revell Tu-95 Bear-D $10



IsraDecal Israeli Air Force Helicopters 2003 $10

Tiger Wings MiG-15 PLAAF markings $5


Superscale AV-8B Harrier IIs VMA-231, VMA-331 (gray scheme) & VX-5 $5

Superscale MiG-21 USSR/India/Egypt/Finland/Czech/E Germany/N Vietnam $5

Xrtadecal TSR2 pt. 1 (RAF Test Pilot, NASA, USAF, RCAF, SAAF) $10

Cutting Edge MiG-29 Polish & Indian AF (missing Iranian mkgs) $5

TwoBobs 72-003 F-5E VFC-13 $15

Model Alliance RAAF Hawk Mk.127 76Sqn $5

Model Alliance RAAF Hawk Mk. 127 79Sqn $5


Hawkeye Models Australia RAAF F/A-18 77Sqn & TF/A-18 2 OCU $5 for both


Warbirds Illustrated No.9 – Strategic Air Command $5

Concord Pub. Color Series – Su-25 Frogfoot $5

Jon Lake – Great Book of Bombers $15

Arco/Bill Gunston – Future Fighters and Combat Aircraft $5

Schiffer/ Alan Wise – MiG-29 Flight Manual Declassified $10


Lou Drendal – F-16 Worldwide Markings $5

Lou Drendal – F-22 In Action $5

Kenneth Katz – B-52G/H In Action (1207) $5

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List has been edited to show what has been sold so far.

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