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Well here we are with another edition of an auto build on ARC. This years installments are all things "super"! This should open things up to a lot of people since most everyone probably has a Ferrari or Lamborghini or Porsche sitting in the stash.

Rules are simple. Must be a supercar. If you're not sure ask in the proposed thread and we'll make a ruling. Basically a simple definition of supercar is it has to have several of the following elements.

- high hp

- high price

- outstanding performance characteristics.

- low production amount

- innovative style or design

- high technology

- the "it" factor

So basically it's very hard to define a supercar but there's lots of them out there. This will also be open to racing versions as long as they are based on the general premise of the supercar. Examples of these would be Porsche GT3 or Cup cars, Ferrari F430 challenge, basically the GT Lemans series cars. Etc etc. Again ask if you're not sure.

6 month build. Please show a wip thread as a lot of the techniques for cars are not used in aircraft building. Kit shouldn't be started or maybe some light work like the wheels n tires are complete or something. We'll try to scrounge up some prizes but they will mostly all be donations.

Hope everyone enjoys and has fun.

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