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I'd really like to do the Heller Bentley Blower, but it looks like a lot of work (as does the Fujimi '73 Porsche Carrera RS), and I want to ensure I finish something for the GB... So I'm going to start off with something a little easier. If that goes well, then I'll see about jumping into the Bentley.

I assume a Shelby Cobra 427 ranks as a supercar?

I've got the Monogram kit sitting here, so I'll be jumping into it unless I'm told the Cobra isn't super enough.

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Yea even if some of the European Subarus and EVOs will lap better times than Ferrari's or lamborghinis they're still not supercars. I would put them more in the tuner car category.

Maybe have a GB of that in a year or so? Don't get much traffic on these auto GBs.

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OK. Cleared my two previous builds off, a 1/144 Albatross HU-16E and a 1/48 F-16D. Ready to start this.

My intention is to build a model of a specific car, serial number DB4/106/L, a 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Series I Saloon shown at the 1959 New York Motor Show. According to the Bonhams auction page, the most recent sale price for the fully restored vehicle was €293,500.

My father owned this car from the early 1970's until the mid-late 1980's. I might have some pictures of the vehicle, but I need to look through my father's photos.

Here's the starting point


The kit's apparently from 1991. Gotta love those red, black, and chrome parts.

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