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Hey all,

I am no photographer. I know nothing about taking good pictures of models. With that said, here are a few photos of my completed Dodge Viper SRT-10:


Model is built 100% OOB save the scratch seatbelts:


Great little model by Revell. The body sides were tricky to assemble. You had to mount the completed and painted main car body to the chassis then attach the completed and painted body sides (portion from the rear of the front wheel well to the front of the rear wheel well):



This is only my 3rd ever car model so its no show stopper. But I learned a lot (both what to do and what NOT to do) and I had a blast building it...and that's tops in my books:




I know you car modeling vets can see a truckload of problems and mistakes, but I am really happy with this build. What's more...my six year old Son built his first snap together model at the same time:


He completely built Revells snap together Corvette C6 (to the left of my Viper in the photo above) by himself...just did not paint it. I am biased but he's well on his way to being a better car modeler then I am.

Thanks Mods for your time and efforts on this GB. All comments (good and bad) appreciated.

Looking forward to getting at my LaFerrari for this GB!!

Cheers all,


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Fujimi Lamborghini Veneno.

Studio 27 cf template decals

Other various companies cf decals

Alclad candy orange paint.





Will post all the pics in build thread. Feel free to comment there. I'm happy with it.


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