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Now I'm at the point where I have to decide to clear coat it or not. It has a perfect shine to it already. I just don't know how stable the candy paints are. I can easily ruin a paint job with the clear coat and would avoid it if I could. What say ye?

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Almost at the point that I can wrap up the cf decals. I slowly started assembling more pieces to the body today. The engine "shelf" is installed and a few other things. Dropped it twice apparently due to being exhausted so I had to stop.

Still not much to show in picture form as it's hard to make all the cf decals appear with my phone.

The end is getting nearer. Carry on!

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Couple pics of where it's at now. Engine deck is installed. Painted engine from pics I found online of the Aventador engine since they're the same.



I am "almost" done with the cf decals.

Then it's just assembling everything.

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The chassis has the wheels and tires added now. Also finished the cf decals on the diffuser. I sanded what I did before and added Future. It looks better but not perfect and I'm ok with it since it's the bottom of the car.


All cf decals are done! Just have a few actual car decals to apply at the end. Fit so far is pretty good except the engine bar doesn't fit at all. Nor did the engine piece but that was my screwup. Putting last little bits on and getting it close to be joined with the chassis. Always the worst part.




It's gonna be a 2-footer for sure. There's so much dust and hairs in the paint that I can't win. My house is incapable of producing a perfect paint job so I'll just live with it.


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Wrapping it up. Joined body to fuselage. A few small issues. It remains to be not a contest winner but should be a stunning display model. Had a couple goes and modifications to get the body on correctly.

I also changed one of the doors. Instead of having both doors open I removed the hinge and will have one door closed/removable and the other door will be open/removable. There's too much beauty in the interior to leave it blocked.

All I have is a few more aero parts and the front headlight lenses to put in then maybe some more Future or a polish or something to try n remove the dust. It's pretty fragile though so maybe not.

Pics within a few days.

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That's an awesome finish. I'm surprised you're calling it a two-footer!

It photos good.

There's dust and hair and other things in the finish.

Added last of the decals. Got to get them settled down and then do some touch ups and such. Should be finished for sure by the end of the week!

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I am glad I decided to close a door. It's still removable but it really shows the car's lines when shut.


You can see the giant hair in the paint of the door also. Alas too lazy to strip and repaint it.

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