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Lamborghini Aventador

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I am looking at building the Aoshima Aventador, in a Candy/Chrome Red or Blue with CF on the body work.


The following image shows the colour range for the red and blue hotmetal from Allclad., I am thinking over the chrome. It looks better in person


I want to replicate some of the following


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Got a bit of work completed yesterday

Built out the side air intake with plastic card. Need to sand it down and make it ready for Cf decals


This image shows what it will look like on the car


Close up, still have to fabricate the intake blade behind this one, it will also be covered in CF


Scratch built the back light covers to create a clean look on top of the rear lights. It will be in CF decals as well.


This shows where the cover will go.


Hope to get more done tonight, thanks for looking

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Well I may have to change the kit I am building. my order still has not arrived from Media Mix, it was sent out via Air on March 24 to Canada, surprising it is taking so long. I contacted them tonight and await thier response.

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