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Ferrari 458 Italia

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Got a start on my 458 last night. Started with the motor and mocking up the suspension to check the ride height.

Waiting on a different set of wheels/ tires for it. The rear tires look too small on these to me, looks almost like the wheel wells in the rear are a little large. Could be to fit the truck tires they supplied in the kit :)/>/>/>/>/>




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Little update on this. Decided to go with the wheels from the test fit so I had to get the brake discs working with them and cut them down so the tires fit right. Addressed the front ride height too, dropped it by about a 1/16", forgot to get pics of that. All the parts are cleaned up and ready for painting, just need the weather to warm up a bit more so I can get out to the garage and spray them. Decided to paint it Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green, waiting for that to show up too. Debating black or dark metallic rims...







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Finally warmed up to almost 70 here today so I spent a couple hours in the garage with the airbrush. Here's what I accomplished....


The Rims were painted with Tamiya Gloss Black then Alclad Steel, they look darker than in the picture.


Think the Tamiya TS-52 looks great, has a really cool gold sheen to it, should look even better with gloss clear on it.


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Small update this week. Have been on 3rd shift the last 3 weeks so I haven't gotten to work on this too much.

I also decided to respray some of the interior SG black, think I had too much tan going on before. Hope to get the interior done this weekend.

Here are the finished wheels:


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Very small update but finally getting some time to mess with this again.

Decided to clear the rims but didn't want them too shiny so I took them apart and resprayed them with Alclad Light Sheen. I also sprayed some of the interior SG black which looks better to me with the tan seats.

Finished getting the wheels on the chassis and threw the body on to check ride height and I think it looks a little better.



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Very nice. Those wheels are so thin.

They really are, Hobby Design did a nice job with them. Pretty tedious to clean up all the little spokes though.

Got the interior mostly done. Just need some touch ups and am going to add seat belts since I have some spares lying around.



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Haven't gotten any further with it. Lost a lot of motivation to work on kits and we are moving to a new house in a few weeks so everything is packed up. Hope to get it done after we get settled in though.

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