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AIR FORCE ONE 1/200° Hasegawa

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Hi guys !!

i would like to start the Hasegawa kit of AIR FORCE ONE, 1/200°, but i have a question for the painting...

the main color is blue decal, and I would totally paint, someone would have an idea for a reference or to a mixture?

And also, y there any difference between the version of the box which dates 2000s and the current plane? different antennas? anything else?

someone has already build it ?


As soon !!!

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I just eyeballed the light blue. Believe I started with sky blue and kept mixing white into it. Looks close enough for me. Used kit decal with darker blue; took time with it. Sealed it afterward. Few new antennas have been added: 3 bumps on top fuselage most noticeable, at least since I built mine...boy, that was awhile ago!

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I am not sure if any of these would assist you or not, but these are some photos from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library I took a few years ago. Hope these might assist you as far as colors are concerned.





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