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F-16A(M)/B(M) (MLU) update set 1/32

F-16A conversion 1/32  

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  1. 1. Should Zactoman produce an F-16A conversion in 1/32

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I thought about a smart and relatively easy conversion set for Chris to make that creates a profit margin for him: an update set for the Tamiya 1.32 F-16 Viper to make an accurate F-16A. The different blocks (Block 10 onwards) can be considered (short vertical tails, parabreak housing etc.). I know Sierra Hotel Models is working on 1/48....so why not 1/32 for Chris. He could consider tackling the Tamiya and Academy ones.


Chris, any thoughts?


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Oh Boy! your scare the crap out of me... I thought there was some development on the subject..... or any in fact about Zacto. (A-7, Su-27, etc...)

I know...keep the faith.

Let's say, maybe he's a bear in hybernation... sleeping in his cave, some have longer winter than others...

so let's hope he wakes up before the spring fever, that usually have us push other nice projet.... and that, we have a lot. B)/>/>


Edited by Dan Leduc

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Finally a set to build my RNLAF F-16A and F-16AM vipers in 1:32 correctly!!!


Edited by Frank Wouts

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I just read on the website that mrs. Zactoman is recovering so that is good news!!! Zactoman announced he is working again and some surprises to be expected...

Maybe he will tackle this....the F-16A(M) conversion in all its variations...

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