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Good Day Everybody!

Here are some kits I have for sale. I can take either Paypal or MO or cheque.

Shipping to North America for now. Prices do not include shipping, if you have questions, shoot me a PM!



$15.00...F/A-18A Hornet Kit 02810 (DT10) inner bags sealed.

$15.00...F-14A Plus Tomcat Kit SP2 inner bags open, some pieces off sprues but never started. Missing PE.

$3.00....A-6A Intruder kit JS-023:180, Opened off sprues never started. Missing Pilots.

$3.00....A-4E/F Skyhawk, unknown kit #. bagged.


$5.00...Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, kit 1650?, Bagged with inner bags sealed.


$5.00...Douglas B-66B Destroyer, Kit No. 149, Looks complete, some parts off sprues never started.



$5.00...Messerschmitt Me 262 kit 5410, Old but looks complete, some parts loose.



$15.00...M-113A1 APC Kit No 276, All parts still on sprues but missing decals.

$15.00...Panzer IV Ausf.H Kit No. 236, a little of the hull and turret are started but looks complete. Has the kit decals.


$35.00...Panzerkampfwagen VI (P) Premium Edition Kit 6352, Complete inner bags sealed.

Thanks for looking,


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