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Fords new 2017 GT Supercar.

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Hey fellow car fans,

I was flipping through my latest issue of MotorTrend (April 2015 issue) and was fascinated with their short story on Fords new 2017 GT Supercar...errr...Hypercar (pages 16 and 17):


Whoa...what a sweet looking ride!!! I knew it was being designed/built by Ford after rumors became reality around about last summer, but missed its official unveiling at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Some older news snippets:



Latest rumors are that Fords GT program is farther ahead then people think (thanks to Fords veil of secrecy surrounding this project) and they may even have a racing version ready for the Petit-Le-Mans this October thanks to a partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing. Should be interesting.

Well done Ford! At about $300,000 per copy in a very limited run beginning next year...its a real steal of a deal (yeah right huh... :P )

Now give me a 1/24 version please!



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They initially opened up at the auto show with a big billboard that said "LaFord"

Changed it the next day to read The New Ford GT.


:woot.gif: ...TOO FUNNY!

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I think its kinda funny and good on Ford. Light hearted humor when you really get down to it and Ferrari could have played along and everyone could have had a chuckle over it (not knocking Ferrari either as I have always liked their F50...not their F150 truck...I mean car :D ). No harm no foul.


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