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Looking for a n online kit retailer

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Evening all-

i took a hiatus to work on my 1:1 CJ5 and have recently been bitten by the bug again... YAY!!

the problems i have come across are the fact that my LHS has really thinned their stock to the point of having numerous a bunch of kits, but not much selection... meaning 14 kits each of 3 different subjects

the paint selection is still pretty good as are the tools...

i did buy a kit from smile.amazon (to support the Viet Nam Vets), and it came undamaged and on time, but i DO like to support the little-guys...

are there any mom-and-pops around anymore? if so, would someone be kind enough to post their web address?

the one i looked at tonight shows every kit i looked at as 'out of stock' (i dont know if i can post them, for fear of feeling bashed)

thanks everyone for helping out!


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www.Scalehobbyist.com is one of my favorites. www.Squadron.com began running some decent specials recently. Amazon.com is a go to lately, but that's because my budget is that of a student, not a high earner yet.

BTW, MONITOR prices on models you like on Amazon because many kits, for example the Hobby Boss 1/48 Tornado, fluctuate. A month ago it was $37, today it's $85. Their -5 Hellcat is usually about $30, but I caught it for $12.75 shipped.

I hope this helps.

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The closest thing to what you are asking for in my opinion would be Gordon at Sprue Brothers. The store is strictly online but their prices are always the best and their niche in the market is that if it is listed on their website, the item is in-stock and will be shipped when ordered.

Another online shop that I have had a lot of success is Tower Hobbies. They always have specials with savings on shipping and percentage off your total order. Of all the orders that I have placed with these guys, there has never been an item that I have ordered that has been marked out of stock when I received the order like I use to receive all the time from Squadron.

There is you a couple of my favorites with the names hyperlinked. I hope this helps you out!

Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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If you don't mind using some one overseas Luckymodel out of Hong Kong has good prices reasonable shipping and great service. The owner? Roy Chow also monitors the model sites and steps in to fix problems. The website has improved and the whats in stock lists are pretty up to date. I got 2 kits in less then 2 weeks and they came out cheaper including shipping then anywhere else. They also run specials I got 10% off. Also some after market items ship free world wide.

I also use Sprue Brothers and Amazon. I got the Tamiya WW1 MKIV male for $58 free shipping it lists around $100. Some prices are outrageous though, Amazon lists other vendors that sell through them. Amazon also has a great satisfaction guarantee on items they sell. They also carry paint, glue and tools. I always check 4 or 5 vendors before ordering.


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I never buy anything unless I do a Google search for it (click "Shopping") and compare prices. As often as not, I end up on eBay. In these days I'm not loyal to anyone except the one with the lowest price + shipping.

Sometimes that's Amazon, sometimes it's an overseas retailer, and sometimes it's those anonymous eBay sellers.

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I know you aren't in Canada, but I only use mail order from anywhere but the US now. A few of the locations mentioned in the US were superior at one time but the cost of shipping from the US has gone through the roof. Often it is more than the price of the product I am buying. The same holds true for US based eBay sellers.

Oddly I can ship to the US cheaper than the same kit coming in the reverse direction.

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