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Some prosess. I've compleated the strecher and made a first aid bag from epoxy "clay" and put the fuselage together. I made the safty belst on the strecher from aluminum foil from a wine bottle.






Now Im working on the rotor blades. They are a little like pieces of wood. So I need to reshape them a little. Also there are some pieces for the rotor head and blades in the Eduard PE set.

I'm going abroad next Monday for eight days. So there won't be much done at that time. Going for a cykling trip from Passau in Germany to Wienna in Austria. We'll be cykling down by Danube river. I just hope I´ll be able to compleat the model before the deadline. As a matter of fact I'm not sure I will make it. :unsure:/>

Best regards

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LOVE the litter, and the rest is coming along great.

Less then a month to go!!


As I'm a rather slow builder I'm not sure I'll make it. Also after I arrive from Austria I have to do some work in moms appartment because she's moved to a old peoples home. We are going to rent it so I need to clean and maybe paint it, or at least some parts of it. We'll see how it goes.

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