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Su27 1:32 finally finished

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Some years ago i started my topic: Another flanker 1:32 and somewere down the road it ended up that all my pictures were gone which i hosted with Imageshack

But finally it's finished and i like to show it to you as it is now, i owe it to some people who supported me back then.











Thank you for watching.

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At first I thought it was the real thing....simply awesome!

You mean it isn't the real thing?? :)

Just like you, at first I thought it was the real aircraft. I am totally amazed by this! The best aircraft model that I have ever seen in my life!

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Wasserfall, I have to admit I had almost forgotten your build eventhough I really enjoyed following your thread along with geedubeluyer's when you were building your big Sukhois. Very inspiring stuff for any modeler!

I'm thrilled to see it finished! It just looks like the real thing. Awesome work!

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Hi Wasserfall, such a treat to see your big Sukhoi finished and it was worth the wait.

What an incredible result.

Even now I would think that the first photo was a real aircraft. You nailed it. The view point, perspective, lighting and backdrop are perfection and contribute to an image that is indistinguishable from the real deal. Truly inspirational. :worship:

Congratulations on turning out one of the best models I have ever seen.


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