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Su27 1:32 finally finished

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At first I thought it was the real thing....simply awesome!

The first picture is amazing. It really fooled me.

Most impressive work here: the finish is simply spot-on!



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This is a rare case when the photography presentation is up to the task of presenting a truly outstanding build in a most realistic manner. The use of a real airfield with outdoor lighting just makes the case for realism that much easier to fool one into thinking we're viewing a real aircraft. Your build is truly outstanding. Every detail seems to be perfectly dealt with including meticulous painting. Every hard edge line is sharp and crisp. Just looking into the intakes one sees the attention to detail painting that further creates the illusion of this being a real aircraft. Even your pin washes are done is a very delicate fashion so that they don't jump out at the viewer, but rather add to the sense of realism that you've achieved.

Thank you for sharing with us your build. The time you spent was certainly well worth it.


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Absolutely incredible build.

Approaching the painting stage on my build and this is some strong motivation.

I can't seem to find the WIP thread above posts are talking about. I would love to see more if anyone can throw a link up.

Interested to see which paints you used, gunze mix, Akan etc.

Well done again on a fantastic build.

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Now this is cool. I remember following along in this built. It was a while back and I'm glad the journey has finally come to an end on this bad boy. Take a bow sir as you have done great :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much for all the kind words!!

There is an in Progress build topic, but since Imageshack needed to go commercial ALL of my pictures are lost:(, but i will give the link anyway.


I used the Blackbox cockpit set, from Zactomodels the canopy, nose, intakes and pylons. Wheelwels and exhaust fron Aires.

Did use the Flanker colors from Xtracolors but they were to dark, I mixed severall colors based on photo's.

If there are any questions I like to answer them.



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LOOKS AMAAZING.. :worship:/>

I don't think I have seen a SU-27 as MAGNIFICENT AS THIS.

KUDOS.... :salute:/> :worship:/>

Wasserfall, are you sure this IS NOT THE REAL thing. :coolio:/>

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I'm gonna be honest. I'm still not sure that this is a model. It looks like a real airplane to me. This looks like a real jet. I'm still not convinced! Anyway, if it is a model, it's as lifelike as just about anything I have ever seen!!!

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