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Building the Landkreuzer P1500 Monster

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Both the Ratte and the Monster were proposed, but never built by Germany in World War II. But now, 70+ years later, the Ratte has been built..........in a 1/144 scale model by Takom! Hooray!


Armor modelers can now rejoice at finally having a scale model of this far out fantastic what if subject!

But what about the P1500 Monster? Will there ever be a kit of that? And if not, then how to scratchbuild one? What would it look like? I've already bought a Takom kit so I can build the Ratte. And I've bought one of the following too so I can eventually build a 1/144 scale P1500 Monster to go along with the 1/144 Ratte:


The P1500 was designed to use the same calibre of gun as that of the Dora railway gun.



But the biggest hurdle is that of deciding what would the gun be housed on/transported on? A few sketches/concepts I've found are the following. If a real P1500 were to have been built (or even a model), then what type of transport chassis would it have?

Sample A - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/P1500macedon.jpg


Sample B - http://s2.blomedia.pl/gadzetomania.pl/images/2012/10/c10-312959.jpg

Sample C - http://kampfgruppe144.blogspot.com/2012/06/1144-landkreuzer-p1500-monster-matuo.html


I'm not keen on Sample A. I could use B, but am not sure what type of model tank or other vehicle hull/chassis to use to mount the gun on. Sample C is nice as it shows the gun being supported/transported by two P1000 Rattes.

I want to build a 1/144 scale P1500 Monster by using the gun and other parts from a 1/144 German World War II "Dora" railway gun model kit. But in order to build the P1500, I'm not sure what type or scale of tank hull/chassis to modify and put the gun on, etc.

Samples B and C are the only two decent configurations. Which would be better to build/use?

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Sample B - http://s2.blomedia.pl/gadzetomania.pl/images/2012/10/c10-312959.jpg

...I could use B, but am not sure what type of model tank or other vehicle hull/chassis to use to mount the gun on...

I am not sure that there is/was an existing tank/vehicle chassis that you could use for Sample B without extensive modification/scratch building. When I first looked at Sample B's drawing it immediately reminded me of the MAUS Tank tread arrangement:


The MAUS was a monster itself, but I don't think even it could have supported such a large gun as depicted in Sample B's drawing. And it used only two wide treads to distribute weight. It looks like there were 8 individual treads (two groups of four on either side) in the drawing for Sample B. Based on the King Tiger in the drawing, perhaps Tiger treads could be used for the vehicles treads. Think Object 279 on steroids:


I think if you go with Sample B you will be scratch building most of the vehicle from the upper hull (just below the gun mount) down. Based on the boxy/slab sided look and the fact that much of the lower hull is enclosed/blanked off by the hull sides (including the running gear save the extreme lower portions) it shouldn't be too difficult...time consuming and taxing indeed...but not overly tedious. Also, size wise based on the Tiger and figures in the drawing for Sample B the model would be gigantic in both length and width even in such a small scale.

I think Sample C is promising (still large in length but not so much in width). What about using two MAUS tanks rather then two Tigers? It would probably be much easier then all the scratch building required for Sample B (in my humble opinion).

Lets face it, whichever Sample you choose you have quite a wide berth for creativity and modelers license.

Interesting project. I hope my ramblings were of some help.



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