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CD48087 - F7F Tigercat

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5 hours ago, KursadA said:


The second canopy in the drone controllers were apparently taken from F8F Bearcats,  so the instructions will suggest the use of a Squadron F8 Bearcat vacuform canopy. 


Thanks for the info Kursad. I think I will also do some research to see what else. The dome on the nose will be needed too. I have the Lone Star detail set so will have to pick up another one.

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On 9/16/2019 at 10:38 PM, KursadA said:


I don’t have any plans to make decals for any privately owned warbirds - sorry. 

That's alright, thanks anyway.

I actually found some good images of the nose art and can print some home made when the time comes.

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