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1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 Polar Flanker

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Really been thinking about this build and I've narrowed down some choices:

1) This will be a heavily weathered bird (per this year's Scale Model Addict contest theme)

2) The weathering will be winterized

3) I'll be doing a full meal deal build, starting from Eduard's Limited kit

4) It'll be Blue 52 with some weathering borrowed from Blues 41 and 51.

5) I might build with a snowy base but only enter the model to keep it in the air category (unless the snowy base is permitted, no people or equipment.




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AAAAAAND finally, the bits:

Finally opened up the box! I have 2 UB kits stashed into one so I had to parse out everything. Both kits have all the requisite aftermarket, too. I’ll be utilizing the Eduard kit (the other is the Zhengdefu knock-off).




Getting into a little more detail, here are all the aftermarket components I’ll be using, including the Eduard Brassin included in the kit: Eduard Brassin cockpit and seats, Eduard Brassin wheels, Eduard interior and exterior photo etch, Eduard Brassin Archer, Aphid and Alamo missiles*, Eduard mask, Aires exhausts, Aires wheel bays, Quickboost flaperons, Quickboost antenna, Quickboost radome, Master metal pitot, RUST photo etch vents, Master brass static discharge vanes, Fairy Hobby vacuform canopy, and Begemot and Linden Hill decals.

*I’ve only seen one reference of this bird carrying armament and it was 2 Alamos on the intake pylons. It’s a unique arrangement so I’ll only need some of the Brassin sets, but all the pylons will be used.







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Lastly, I like to be organized with my stash for the most part. I tend to keep a lot of decals in my file cabinet for easy reference, etc. In some instances I do put decal sheets in the kit boxes. This is one of those times. Lo and behold I discovered not only did I already have the Linden Hills sheet that I was hunting for, but 2 other sets as well. Between the kit decals, the Begemot sets and the newly discovered sets, I’ll be, well….set.




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Thanks Joel!! I'm going to try and make you proud :)/>


You should win just for the amount of AM stuff you've amassed. That's more then I think I've used totally since I got back into the hobby. I took a look at those decal sheets, and you have enough stencils to go one for one with the real deal. Just make your plan, and stick to it. Of course if you have to zig when you should have had to zag, well, it will still get you to the same place. Just take your time and post. I'll be here enjoying every bit of it.


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I am really looking forward to your build as I have one in the stash. North Star Models also has released boarding ladder PE kits for the 27 and 27 UB. Thanks for posting the reference link. I will be looking forward to your next post.

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Thanks guys. I'm really excited for this build. It's been in the back of my mind for a while and inspiration and focus finally came.

Taggor, I have the Dreammodel ladders but might wait to the end of the build...the contest category requires no equipment or figures.

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Great project, i follow your topic!!!!

For info, the SU-27 Ub in first photo, is not the same aircraft, after merged at kilp-yavr in 2001, it's become 54 blue, your plane are ex-54 blue from Afrikanda.

Note that after 2006, the forward part of plane, until the end of the canopy, have been repeint, and the planes have received new red star, like you can see withe photo off Alexey Zemlakoff taken in majortity in 2009, befor the withdrawal of regiment to Besovets AB.

If you don't have, this is photo taken near 2003 (I think)


link for the last:


details for the number:


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Just a word of warning on the cockpit. The Eduard pit and seat are fantastic, however the cockpit cowling is hideous. Not sure about the UB kit but when I built my single seater, the part supplied by Eduard was a piece of PE that was rubbish. I actually bought the Aires set and had to modify the cowling to fit over the Eduard bits. Messy.

Here is the link to my finished bird with some of the problems I faced... <<Link>>

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