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Mustang GT500KR & DBS

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OK so I pushed for a 'Stang in this build, guess some of you may want to know why, well here is the reason;



That's my 'super' car, while it may not be a supercar as defined by this GB as far as I am concerned it's a 'super' car!!!! :woot.gif:/>/>

So got the big 5.4L engine started and am looking at ways to improve the kit, luckily enough found a super etch & resin set to dress this baby up!! I plan to have this car set up with a K&N filter so I will have to cut the Ford air box off the intake pipe and scratch a K&N filter to put on the end. Also will need to build an air dam around it.


The other kit is the Tamiya Aston Martin DBS. I picked this because my daily driver looks like an Aston Martin!?! :whistle:/>/>

Picks of it later.


As with most Tamiya kits this is really a painting project. The kit is extremely well engineered and doesn't have much of an engine, so it is a lot of painting then assembling.

Got the mold seams cleaned off the body;


The main engine part needs some german grey, who would have figured that?


I was going to get an etch set for the DBS but IMHO what Tamiya gives you semms fine to me!


You even get metal 'stickies' to dress things up, they are going to be fun!!


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So your daily driver is a Focus?


I'm guessing Ford Fusion.

Remember that episode of Top Gear? "The Ford Fusion, an American Aston Martin, or what an Aston Martin would look like if it had too many doughnuts."


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Ah yea the Fusion that's what I meant. They don't even make the Focus anymore do they?

That's what I get for despising Fords. Lol.

Yep the Focus is still being produced. Super little car with lots of power and killer looks for its class IMHO. It was an awesome World Rally Championship car until the new rules were put in place (the Ford Fiesta now races in the WRC instead). I'm a big Ford fan though :P.

Nice looking Mustang Flyboy18 and looking forward to your build :thumbsup:



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Ah yea the Fusion that's what I meant. They don't even make the Focus anymore do they?

That's what I get for despising Fords. Lol.

Ah yes I thought I felt a disturbance in the Fords!!?!!

May the Fords be with you!

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Got my etch sets today = WOW!!

Will try to get some pics up tomorrow.


A few years ago, when the '05 Mustangs in 25th scale hit the shelves I looked at the front grill work and it screamed photo etch!! So I e-mailed a large US producer of scale model etch, I got a response but it was really lukewarm, and nothing has ever been produced!?! This set(s) I just bought have been made in Korea!! They do one for the Shelby GT500, the GT-H, & the GT500KR, reasonably priced and really good looking!! I picked up the 500KR and the GT-H, think I may get a couple of the GT500 sets as well.

OK soapbox has been put away.

Slowly getting the big 5.4L engine going, as mentioned pics tomorrow.

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As promised;

fixed up the back of the alternator, put a piece of sprue in the hole then covered with a Trumpeter disc;


got some more painting done;


a test fit of the major engine parts;


started carving off some the molded on detail to replace with wire & other bits;


OK here's the etch & white metal set;



The stick on Shelby lettering is great!! It will look so much better than painted molded detail!! I am a little disappointed in this now that it is my hands!? The instructions are small and I have found parts that are not illustrated on the instructions?? I will e-mail KA and hope for a reply. A few of the parts are easy to figure out, the key and door lock, what appears to be a GPS unit (48), but some are mysteries?!

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