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Army helicopter crews

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Hi all

Well, been at 3 weeks of the hopefully latest testhots, was thinking I start a specific topic on Army helicopter crews.

2 goals : show what is made and get feedback, advices, and also hoppfuly answers to the questions I will cetailnly have.

Be patient, all you can see today is virtual, and I can't wait showing you some real prints toward the end of this mounth.

I try to be very precise, with the right shoes to the right helmet, and hope each figure will be a jewell,

In order to get the natural poses, I need to numerize real models, what I can make in my studio, or by visiting peoples. I need also the pictures, it's the only way for me to say : OK, next I do this one.

I try also to give a large choice, so each one can make his own configuration or scenari.

So, let's show the last figure :

current US army crewman tighting his body armor west.




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Hello Norbert!

I want to encourage you to go on creating Helo-Crews! I have Italeri's Wessex on the bench now and...well, there is almost nothing on the market about crew people in 1/48, no pilots, no one for the cargo room...only some Vietnam style guys are out there, but not really suitable to a (rescue) Wessex.

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Was thinking it could be nice to have a hanging HGU-56/P helmet :



There will be some days delay with the machine, should have received it today, it's only at the packaging stage.


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Great stuff, I really like the poses you have chosen. The "GI Joe Action Figure" look gets a bit old. I'd rather have my figures in a more informal pose.

I know you seem to be focusing on modern subjects but if you ever get to it, I'd love to see a couple of Vietnam era crewmembers, maybe just sitting on the deck of a Huey - gear off, wearing boonie hats, smoking and joking.

Looking forward to more updates!


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Many thanks John

If you look to my facebook page, you will find some 1940 and 1943 area figures (french and soviet).

The USAF helicopter crew I'm working on wears the survival vest that was carried around 2005.

I started to collect a bunch of vietnam pictures, and also some Korea pictures in order to study the poses, and find out what peoples wear.

Not an easy task, and probably very hard to do without some help to know what is what.

So, smoking, joking, drinking beer and playing cards, the good old days...(not to say it was realy good, it was different from todays).

I didn't even start repairing, checking, connecting, filling...Oh man !


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Many thanks Richard

These last figures will fit a more operational dio, with the body armor (A-stan, Irak). I need now to find a MFS, a M9 holster and the M9 to go further in this direction.

will show tomorrow a small layout with a mix of figures, just as an exemple.


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I want now..i want now.

Please stop teasing us.

Put me down for 3 sets of all figures.


Hi Oliver

Machine is at customs clearence, now to find quick how to handle 140 kg / 280 lbs crate

Hi Igor, many thanks, russian comming



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I cannot wait for the figures. From what I have gathered, because I have not done a helicopter before (I am trying one now and I love it) but there are not a lot of figures for a helicopter crew available. And looking at the poses that you have for the different figures, they are outstanding. I hope that you bring out the crews because they will be in high demand when they come out. Put me down for 3 sets of the black hawk crew (4 figures).

Great job Norbert. Hope they will come to light in the very near future.


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  • 2 weeks later...


Started the printer tuesday, and tested very first figure last night :




scale is 1/35

still have a lot of adjustement to do, and have to go dawn from 25 to 15 microns.

first time I saw Floyds Flir done also

On the FB page, I show a veteran day layout...


Edited by norbert
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Thank you Gino, thank you Tim and Jan

Great, will you also print 1/72?


Yes, I will

Did you make that flir?


Hi Tim

Yes I made it, for Floyd, one and a half year ago I think

I decided to use the HGU-56/P helmet in order to achieve the machine adjustement. It is sufficiently small and complicate for this goal.

The new parameters looks much better, I think I'm on the good way.




Well, this one is good enough for my Blackhawk and do not dream, I broke the tiny microphone after 1 hour control and handling and had to glue it back... :rolleyes:/>


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