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Monogram 1/24 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

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I'm going to start off with a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (semi-competition). So a super car is supposed to meet a few criteria, limited production, only 31 original cars are known to have been built, expensive, S/Cs have sold at auction in excess of $1 million, and fast, claimed top speed is 186 mph.

The kit was produced by Monogram (1988 based on the copyright stamping on the chassis) and looks to be a decent kit. I'm not 100% on the color yet, but I'm leaning towards black with white stripes.

Box shot


Parts layout


I've got a little work done. The chassis is started and I've been working on the engine. Unfortunately about half the engine is chromed (should be aluminum) so I've got quite a lot of it soaking in purple stuff. This does show how much of this car was engine though.


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Nice. I always like the Shelby Cobras.

Here is some inspiration for you. They are all kit cars, but they still look good:


(That's my BRZ in the background.)


And some autocross pics:





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Still plugging away, but I had a set back and the body is in the purple pond. I laid down the primer coat and it just didn't cooperate. Odd, I've had issues with top coats before, but never have had an issue like this with the primer coat.

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Such a cool looking car. I saw the original at the Shelby Museum a while back. I wasn't aware that Shelby repainted the original a different color for each show he took it to to make it seem like he had more built then he did. Sometimes the car was painted up to three times in a month! Looking forward to your build :thumbsup: .



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Ok I'm back.

I've had a terrible time with paint, after three attempts I finally got something I can live with. Then I thought the GB ended July 1 and completely lost motivation. Good news is it isn't over for another week and I got a paint job I can live with on the body. I've got a couple of days off, and I'm back at the bench.

All of the issues have been operator error, the kit is actually pretty trouble free.


I kind of hate to cover up the carbs, most kits just have a blob for a carb but this actually has a nice pair that look like carbs. I was going to try and detail the engine with plug wires and such, but I haven't done much of that so will probably have to come back to that at a later time. Just going to keep pushing to finish up in the days I have left.


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Starting to look like a car


Interior bucket, hard to do much with a nearly all black interior but I think the carpet is set off from the leather seats and dash. I used embossing powder to give the floor a carpeted look. Easy and cheap, the way I like most things...


Sorry about the green backdrop, my paint booth doubles as my photo studio. I was in a hurry and forgot to put in the clean cardstock background.

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Almost there, just letting some things set up then final assembly and decals. The kit has some really nice wire wheels, this type of wheel doesn't usually work for me but I like these.



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Done with an hour to spare (Pacific time here), more photos in the auto show (completed models area).

It has a few minor tweaks before it goes in the case (for one thing the wheels won't stay on), but done enough.


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