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Italeri 1/72 USAF UH-1F, 37th ARRS

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I'll be starting off with a USAF UH-1F from the 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service.

The UH-1F is an odd branch of the UH-1 family designed to USAF specifications. It combines the short body of the UH-1B with the longer tail boom and rotors of the UH-1D. The USAF required it use the same GE T-58 turbine used in the HH-3 "Jolly Green Giant" to make logistics easier. This leads to one of the easiest identification features of the UH-1F, the exhaust exits to the right side of the fuselage instead to the rear over the tail boom.

Using this boxing from Italeri


I'll be doing in the top set of markings, an aircraft of the 37th ARRS based out of South Dakota circa 1979.


Parts layout


I've just about got the interior done.


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Off to a nice build so far. I got to ride in one of these at McConnell AFB KS while in ROTC Summer Camp in 1975. One point the S in ARRS is for squadron not service.

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One point the S in ARRS is for squadron not service.

Gah... As the umbrella organization the S in ARRS is correctly service so I typed that, but of course you are correct when used as I did here, the S in 37th ARRS would be squadron, not service.

I use acrylics so I can't even blame it on the paint fumes.

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