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F-117 wheels on F-15c?

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I'm not sure it I'm completely off base here.

But I think I hear once that The F-117 and the f-15c use the same wheels?

Reason why I am asking is becouse I'm building a tamiya eagle and was looking for replacement for the rubber tires.

Was wondering if I could use the eduard wheels for the trumpeter F-117.

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Dude I got it backwards. The F-117 uses the 12 hole rim found on early Eagles while the F-15C uses the 8 hole rim. They are not an exact match either. The holes in the F-117 wheels are smaller than the F-15A wheels. Also the carbon brake used on F-15E's was retrofitted to the F-117.

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I think I know where the confusion may be coming from.

The Italeri/Testors F-117 kit in 1/32 included wheels that looked nothing like the real F-117 wheels, but for some reason they were actually pretty good representations of original F-15A/B wheels!

And because F-15A/B wheels in 1/32 were not available, one often suggestion for backdating e.g. Tamiya 1/32 F-15C kit to F-15A was to use the wheels from the Testors F-117 kit :)

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