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Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

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Hi everyone

I built this as a side project because I absolutely LOVE this car. If I ever won the lottery or got an executive job, this is what I'd buy.

I have a love hate relationship with Aventador models because the only 2 decent models you can buy of the Aventador are from Fujimi and Aoshima - both of which are quite complex with their bodies. On this one, I began that relationship again.

The worst and most heart breaking thing to happen to me on this build happened early on. I had just finished applying the best paint job I have ever done when I accidentally knocked over the bottle of methylated spirits right over the top it it which not only ruined the paint work but also broke the body in half. After much cursing and swearing I had to completely strip the first lot of paint off using Testors ELO and start again. Needless to say, I was not able to re-establish that quality again

And, because the front end of the body attaches to the rear by an incredibly fragile section where the front door frame is molded to the bottom part of the frame that got broken at the same time. So of course, after reattaching it, nothing fit properly after that - despite my best efforts. The drivers door just doesn't sit flush and it's annoying the heck out my me.

I think I am cursed never to be able to build a decent Lamborghini kit. I think I'll have to buy a die-cast one instead....

Still, It looks good from a distance - just don't look at it it up close

I bought the full detail set for it and ended up only using some of the mesh for the intakes and the seat belt material and buckle and I have everything else still there - including resin brake calipers and a set of resin wheels. I got the extra body kit as well - I love the front bit and I quite like the wing on the back - but I know a lot of people won't like the rear wing. Each to their own - I would like this car even without it - but I just thought it looked the part

Paint is Alclad Candy Red over Alclad Polished Aluminum







Despite the issues I had it looks like an Aventador, so I am happy enough with that. I know that anyone who builds car kits on a regular basis would do a much better job than I could.

Thanks for looking


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thanks guys

Yes - I have now tried my hand at both Fujimi and Aoshima and I must say - out of the 2, the Aoshima is so much nicer and easier to build (like no seperate vent cover for the side cowling like Fujimi - bloody stupid idea that)

I seem to have a curse in regards to car modelling - the first coat of paint goes on smooth and shiny - something happens and I have to star all over again and it never looks as good as the original. This has happened on BOTH lambo kits I have made. Maybe I should just stick to Sci-Fi and aircraft.... :)

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