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Hobby Shops in San Diego

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Which part of San Diego? Hobby Central along with a couple of other shops are in North county.

hobby central

Discount Hobby Warehouse

If your more towards East county or El Cajon try..

El Cajon Hobbies


I am pretty familiar with San Diego so PM me any questions..


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Thanks for the input.

I'll be in the Mission Bay area most of the time for a work-related event at the San Diego Convention Centre.

Understand that the USS Midway and the aerospace museum at Balboa Park are probably walking distance from the SDCC.

At this point, I'm not sure how convenient it will be to venture out from that area.

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The Midway will be right down the road about a mile and a half from the SDCC. Same road i believe. Balboa Park would be a good three mile uphill walk . Public transportation is pretty functional and you could get to the Aerospace Museum a lot easier. You could walk it and it would be an adventure for sure.



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If you can get up to Miramar, the museum there is nice, mostly USMC stuff. My wife is from LA Mesa and so we go down there quite a bit to see her parents and friends and I went there a couple years back and liked it a lot. There is also a museum at the local airport up that way, but haven't made it there yet. Thanks for the tips Mike about the hobby shops, maybe I'll finally get to find some down there.

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