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Aircraft- All Three Scales; Prices dropped to move

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Doing a little spring cleaning. Shipping will be at cost through USPS and is not included. Any questions, please let me know. I can take PayPal or MO. Shipping will be on Saturdays mostly due to work (unless I can convince the wife). E-mail is dcmorrissette@roadrunner.com

1/48 Me262 Lorin Conversion Arba $10

1/48 BMW003 Rocket Engines Highflight $10

1/48 AH-64D Academy Verlinden Update, Eduard PE $30

1/48 F111A Academy Paragon Flaps, 2 sets of decals, Verlinden F-111F Detail set (yes "F" version) $40

1/48 Mirage IIIc Academy Resin Cockpit $10

1/48 RQ-1 Predator Antares $15 (resin/metal)

1/48 FW190D-9 Dragon Arba Ta-152 Tail, Adecco Cockpit $25

1/32 Scale F6F-5E Hasegawa with Obscureco prop, landing gear covers, wheels, Waldron set, Verlinden Cockpit $45

1/48 AV-8B Harrier Hasegawa Aires Exhausts; Resin Seats, 2x Microscale Decals $40

1/48 B-17G Monogram Verlinden Update Set $20

1/48 F9F Panther Monogram Box Bad $5

1/72 F-84F Thunderstreak Revell $5

1/48 Ta-152C-0 RV Resin Resin & PE $20

1/48 Do-335A-12 Tamiya Moskit Exhausts; Eduard Cockpit, Verlinden Detail; Paragon B-6 Conversion $50

1/48 Me262A-1a Tamiya $20

1/32 A-10A N/AW Trumpeter Verlinden Cockpit $55


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