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Was going through the stash looking for something F-18ish when I cam e across a started Crusader.

Figure its another DonG started and traded to me a couple years ago. So with a month left in this GB I should be able to get it done. Only problem is it will be spare decals and paint. No complete decals exist for any of the 4 F-8s I still want to do.

As of now its either going to be VF-13, VF-162, VF-661 or VF-931. All from CVW-8.

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Thanks for the offer John70.gif. All the planned schemes are easy to paint. If you have 1/48 decals for VF-162 however that would help. Just the "AJ" letters on the tail that are the challenge.

Have all the data decals I need.

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I have Aero Master 48-563 Colorful Crusaders Pt V. two numbers missing,58 from VF-58.

Other than that the sheet is in tact, has AJ and AK tail codes.

Yours for the asking.--- John


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John, thank you very much for the VERY kind offer!!!!!!

But I all ready built that one.


Thanks, but I still have most of the data from this sheet. That is what I am using to build the new one.

From this which DonG started........


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Its Saturday, did a bunch of cleaning and 2 hours of decals.

All are from the big stash of unused extras. Guess what, adding this to that and you can make the markings for a plane now one has ever made decals for.

VF-13 in 1970.




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Boy the Crusader sure was a nice looking aircraft. Great looking 'Sader' :thumbsup:/> !



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