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EC-135 East Anglian Air Ambulance

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Hello together !

I have decided to start with a new building.

I have already built a lot of helicopters from different users worldwide, but now i want to build two Helicopters of East Anglian Air Ambulance. First i want to build an EC-135, later on an EC-145 T2.

Now a photo of the original:


Basic kit is the new EC-135 kit of Revell Germany. Most of the helicopter will be built out of the box. Some minor changes have to be done. The Basic kit has the new Inlet Barrier Filter which has to be changed into the old style air intakes. Also the WSPS has to be added (from the EC-145 kit).

I have already the Decals for the new livery:


More Pictures will follow.

Greetings Michael

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@ all

First steps are done. First i had to cut some openings into the kit, where i insert the old style air intakes.


After glueing These resin parts in place, i had to putty some things, because the original helicopter has some fixed winch provisions on this place. The other parts of the inlet barrier filter have only to be sanded.


Greetings Michael

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...some parts already glued :rolleyes:

The old position of the landing light filled with putty, because the original EC-135 has it under the copilots side. Also in the Picture the parts, that i took from the Ec-145 kit of Revell.


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I have ordered mine from Amazon, otherwise it is no Problem to get it here in Austria.


some further steps done on my EC-135. Cockpit only needs the seats, so i think i can start with the medical interior tomorrow.

I donĀ“t have any interior photos of the original EC-135, i build it according to the instruction.



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Another beautiful and well executed build! If you are ever in need of photos of an EC-135 P2(Air Methods) with a Metro Aviation interior, I have them. It was my "office" for 7 years. Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic work!


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