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Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm happy to share my work with you!

Polar Bear, here are the pics I have of the cockpit and spine area. They aren't great, but hopefully they will convey how I tackled those areas of my build.

For the cockpit, I started with the Aires pit, but didn't like the way the tub itself was molded. I thought it was too shallow and the side consoles were too narrow. No measurements here, just my estimate with the Mk I eyeball. So, scratchbuilt the tub and sidewalls and used the IP and Bay 5 avionics bay from the Aires set. I used Verlinden and Eduard PE on the turtle deck and canopy bow as well as some scratchbuilt details.






For the spine area, I used the whole Hasegawa piece. I had to add some shims to the sides, and trim the forward fuselage pieces, but it seemed to work ok. I added plenty of reinforcements on the underside to make the joints as strong as possible.



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Just an outstanding conversion, superbly executed. Your build actually looks better then my GWH F-15C.


Joel, I think your Eagle Jet looks great! I am curious about the GWH kit. What is your take on the kit?

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Joel, I think your Eagle Jet looks great! I am curious about the GWH kit. What is your take on the kit?

Thank you for those more then kind words.

Basically, the build was OOB with AM decals. It's only my 2nd jet ever, as I'm mostly a old time prop man. As for the kit it was basically pure perfection. Great parts fit, excellent detail, and no surprises. Even the exhaust cans with a little TLC, look pretty good to me. I would certainly build another version if GWH came out with one. I've built two other GWH kits, the P-61A Black Widow, and the TBD-1 Devastator, both kits had major build/fit issues that required a great deal of work to correct, or at least get to the point of acceptability. So I was somewhat shall we say "gun shy" about the F-15C, especially as it's a $80 kit. But my fears were totally unfounded, and it turned out to be one of, if not the best build I've ever experienced. It was that good.


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Very interesting approach to an 1/48 F-15C :)/> Looks awesome too! I love the camouflage, and those opened hatches :)/> Sweet! :cheers:/>

Thanks Thadeus! Here's a few more pics of the open panels, and the gun system... which can hardly be seen now that the model is finished.




BTW, I really like the work you did on your Su-33 and Su-34. Really spectacular builds! I have a few members of the Flanker family in my stash, which I can only hope turn out as well as yours.

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