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1/72 Revell F/A-18 Swiss Tigermeet 2004 - finished

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Planning on this being last Tiger build for this GB. I will still continue to work on others as I am on a kind of theme at moment. Ok for the last year or so. This GB has made me push forward.

The decals are enroute from England so will either post separate pic or wait till its done

Here is the kit I am planning on using



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Going to call this one done. Maybe rushed it a little and decals not the greatest as the tail art is not that great and looking at some of the reference pics show that the inside of the tanks have same markings as the outside but they were not included. Each of the sidewinders has a total of 21 decals on each one.

The revel kit also has raised panel lines so detail not too great. There is however at least one major error that I have to admit too that only another set of decals could fix so choose to leave it and let you see if you can tell







Same aircraft in a later scheme. I had complete this kit prior to the GB



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