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Identify markings from WW II pilot's log book

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Hello Everyone,

I had a chance to look at a pilot's log book from WW II. The picture of a page from that log is below.

Is it possible to identify the marking just from what is show here?

Here's what I know from talking to the son of the pilot.

* I think the S/N of the Wellington is HE411. (Show on the page.)

* There is an XM in brackets and a single letter "M". Am I to assume that the codes are XM * M for this particular aircraft.

* Wellington Mk III.

* Canadian/RAF flight training unit.

Please let me know if there is more information required to help identify this a/c.

I would really like to but this particular a/c for display on Remembrance day 2015.

Thanks for looking



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Here is some early history of HE411, as HD-R in 1943 with 466 Squadron:


Listed as a Mk X here:


While this one lists it as HD-S, but the pic is the same as above and it looks like R, and the missions it flew in:



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If he was in "A" Flight (and there was another Wellington - LP355 FB-S) codes were FB- with blue spinners; "B" Flight was TY- with yellow spinners; "C" Flight (unlikely, as it was Fighter Affiliation) UF- with white spinners.

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HE411 is definitely listed as part of early Mark X production, one of 789 in the second batch of Mark X production so the notation "XM" may mean Wellington X plane "M" and not squadron codes. It was built prior to June 7, 1943 when production of that batch ended (and likely much earlier since the batch was started in November 1942 and HE411 is early in the batch) so likely would be with a training unit by May 1945.

By the way, the example that Edgar gives (LP355 FB-S) is also a Mark X and from a later batch than HE411 so his comments make perfect sense.

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Thank you to everyone who have responded.

I have some more information about the pilot in question.

He was stationed in Stormy Down.

Could the HE411 been with the RAAF in 1943, as per the picture in post#2 and then the aircraft made it's way to Stormy Down in around 1945?

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