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AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

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48 minutes ago, Darren Roberts said:

I want moderator rights! No fair!!!!!  Heck, I'm ARCer #55. I've been around since the beginning. I think I deserve moderator rights! 😊

LMAO...be careful what you wish for...   It's a heat-seeking, thankless job ....  And I don't post much like I used to before I became a moderator back in 2009!

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Yep, all back to normal Terry. And as far as being a moderator, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. My old lady moderates on a very busy support forum for the Firefox browser on mozillazine (which is now closing down after more than 20 years). Being a more or less open forum that anyone can quickly sign up for and then post, she fights a constant, unending battle against spam, deleting hundreds of posts and removing hundreds of spam accounts. Just that is an unending job, plus she provides the actual support for Firefox and Thunderbird. She has over 120,000 posts. Watching her work on that forum I quickly realized that I'd never want to do that!

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5 hours ago, terrysumner said:

Okay Steve thinks he found the problem with the moderator thing.  Anyone still got them as of now?

I had the power of the world at my finger tips and now it's gone, I feel so deflated.


At least I still have my ACME Explosive Set,  think I'll go mix some nitroglycerin and gunpowder together and see what happens.😀


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22 hours ago, madmanrick said:

Sio, I agree with what's been said, adding the F-104 stuff to this thread isn't necessary, I believe we'll get to 300 without assistance. In fact, I think the 104 deserves a thread all to itself, although I will say I wish AMK had chosen a different subject. I am glad you are returning to ARC, speaking only for myself, I value the "official" AMK input. I hope we see Martin around these parts again as well! I know this is off-topic, but is AMK still going to produce the Annetra Hip next after the Tomcat?


OH Yes!


Mi-17 is coming out soon!

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21 hours ago, madmanrick said:

Well, the few I saw that were the most venomous, may work for the competition, but I have NO idea. They were pretty blatant in their axe grinding against AMK, which I still don't understand. I mean in the end this is supposed to be a "hobby" and meant to be relaxing (in my opinion anyway). I also believe that there is room for many model companies, including AMK! So live and let live.


I have the idea!

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1 minute ago, GW8345 said:

Full disclosure


I assisted AMK back in 2016 on their weapon set and F-14 projects by providing technical information.


And I'll leave it at that


Oh! What is your real name?


If we did so, I am sorry for that!

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