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AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

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1 minute ago, Darren Roberts said:

 Should I do a resin set of gear bay plugs? That way you won't have to mess with trying to get the gear doors to fit shut.


I have closed up the gear bays on 3 Tamiya Tomcats with no drama so far, and for a flying F-14 I would probably use a Tamiya kit. Really, I only feel like I want two AMK kits - one for takeoff position, kneeling on the catapult, and one on the glide path about to engage the arresting gear.

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Let me put this down before the thread gets forgotten/locked.

I think AMK tried to produce the most accurate Tomcat within a budget. They went crowd funding to support this project but unfortunately did not gather enough cash. The project got delayed and when its release Tamiya F-14 is already out. If Tamiya has not release their Tomcat, or AMK were able to meet their crowd funding target,  perhaps their Tomcat might still be the best out there.

I think there is a saying "on time, with quality and within budget", you cannot have all three.

Anyway not trying to kiss AMK fool here, I wont be buying their F-104 as I have no interest in that plane.


Happy New Year everyone 😁

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1 minute ago, Darren Roberts said:

So now that we've crossed the 300 page threshold....CAN WE PLEASE SHUT THIS THREAD DOWN NOW!!!!!!  😀


Absolutely not. Come on Sio, three kits for 400 pages? We'll all be stark raving mad by then. Well, madder than we are now, but who cares. This thread is like a daily penance. An exercise in self-flagellation. A masochists delight.

Keep it going!

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44 minutes ago, Grand Toad said:

There’s a thread on a guitar forum with over 13,000 posts. 


The word game thread in Test Post Clubhouse has over 32K posts and over 1K pages ...



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3 hours ago, GW8345 said:




Hint: it's a removable piece.


Scratch my previous answer above, I just saw it on a museum Tomcat. But I've found your question super intriguing and fun, so please don't give the answer yet, let's keep going. 


For additional hints, can you answer any of these questions without revealing the answer?


- Is it a part of all A/B/D models?

- Does it fly with the aircraft or only used on the ground?

- Does any scale model include this part (thinking Tamiya 32 and 48, AMK etc.)? 

- Is it used inside or outside of the cockpit?

- If all the panels, doors etc. are shut, would this part be visible from the outside (as opposed to being hidden)?


No need to answer at all if it would be too revealing.

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The wooden part on an F-14 is..................the aft hoist point plug, located between the vertical stabs, right of centerline, just forward of the speed brake.


Edit: Thought I would post the answer before the lock down.

Edited by GW8345
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13 hours ago, habu2 said:


I was looking through my decal stash last night, which includes a fair number of old Microscale sheets.  I was looking an the instructions and thought OMG how did we ever use these things!   Specifically the painting guide for an Israeli F-16, it was all xxx ooo +++ ... /// \\\  patterns on a plan view that was maybe 3" wide.  It looked like ASCII art from back in the day.  And yes we certainly have it better these days wrt both the decal quality and the instructions.


edit for all you young whippersnappers who grew up on animated GIFs, here's an example of ASCII art:




and that's still more readable than the Microscale instructions......

Was Microscale and Superscale the same company?

So many of their sheets were the same

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