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NATO"s LanceR - Finale!

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Thanks, guys!

Kapitan Andrea and I are back in gear! The move went well, and we're adapting to our new lives in a new home and anew place. I won't say it was entirely easy, but we've persevered. I was able to get back to the bench in early December, but this is the first time I've been ready to post again- read on!











nice too see your new work bench..i see the compressor but i don't see were you are airbrushing them at?? you have a spray booth.if you do have one love too see the set up cause iam looking for one for my room..??..!!!

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Thanks, guys! It is a glorious view- even if it's raining. This a s a place of dramatic skies and awesome vistas, and we're still learning about it.

Blue Ace- When I lived in Redondo Beach my bench was right in front of the big, second-story window. A small fan unit was all the ventilation I needed, as we also had a steady sea breeze helping to evacuate any paint spray. Here it's quite a different story, and I am planning some kind of spray booth- I'll post pics when I finalize and build it.

Cheers, all!


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Looks good. I see a couple MiG's in my future. Try using 90% denatured alcohol to blend your Mr Surfacer. It works a little slower than acetone, but I've found that it

does not mar the plastic.


Even better still, Mr Color thinner. Works as fast as any acetone based liquid, but absolutely will not mark the plastic.

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Progress! Here's the latest from my bench- enjoy! It may be a while before the next update- I've got another project that will sideline the LanceR for a bit. I'll let you know more about that as soon as I can- cheers!







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Nice work Chukw!

Like the details on the ejection seat bottom and the cart.

I dont know if this is of any help, back in late 1980's I built this one from the PP Models KM-1M seat designed based on the real seat at Kecskemet AFB. Actually there were 3 versions of this cart in use by WarPac airforces.


If you need any details on the cart send me a PM.

Best regards


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It's mesmerizing to watch your work sir!

I have a question regarding the step above. After making the shape of the tiny air-scoop with the drill, how were you able to slice it into half so neatly? Thank you in advance :cheers:

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Chuck, I am new to APC. I'm an experienced builder who is often praised at being a "Master". That is, until I completely read your Helldiver thread and this current build. I'm blogging a Trumpeter 1/32 Avenger ABM on three forums, so I won't be doing it on a fourth, but will be following your work closely. I'm 71 and constantly learning new techniques. I've recently started working in brass with the purchase a couple of years ago of an American Beauty resistance soldering unit. Your work scratch building details out of bits of styrene is terrific, but what really blows my mind is your work simulating tubing runs. What are you using for that small diameter brass tubing? I find K-S tubing to have too thick of a wall to look good when working in small sections. 


Here was a model I finished for an old friend recently. I was that crappy old Revel B-17 kit. I upgraded it with Eduard Engines and bombardier compartment, but you can't see much since the glazing is too think and too distorted and I don't have vacuum forming capability. It's the Yankee Lady. The client recently flew in the real one and wanted his own. I made my own wing-strips decals. 




My normal work is building a rather large O'guage model railroad so I'm doing plastic modeling in the down times. I scratch build stuff for the railroad too, like this substation.




Don't want to steal your post, so I'll stop this. 


Anyway, you're an inspiration to me.

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Wow- it's been a while!  Thanks Aigore, YSO! Jackman, I stick that bit to some sticky-side-up tape, jest like the tubing bits to carefully slice it in half. That way the halves don't go flying. Trainman, thanks so much for your kind words, and welcome to ARC! Your modeling skills are masterful, indeed.  As for the tubing, it's from the British outfit Albion Alloys. You can get packs of telescoping tubing in brass and aluminum from Sprue Brothers- it's reasonably priced and, to me, an essential modeling supply.


I've not given up on this build, just sidetracked by work, life- and a build article for TMMI!  Stay tuned for that, and cheers!

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Chuck, based on your work, I bought the Albion Alloys telescoping micro-tubing sampler from Sprue Brothers (2 packs) and can't wait to try and use them. But for the life of me, I can't imagine threading anything through the hole in that .4 mm tube. I almost can't see the hole.

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  • chukw changed the title to NATO"s LanceR - Finale!

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